Can’t sleep, blog will eat me

Yes, I’m still at home, and I’m trying to sleep so that I can get up at five to drive to Guelph. I know I should have gotten a hotel, or at least stayed at my parents house in Cambridge, but my family needed me. I also delivered pizza until nine.

So now I sit here, moping about PCVS, but still excited about tomorrow/ today. Someone tell my brain to turn off, that it will do fine tomorrow if it just gets some sleep now.
Now, where did I put those sheep to count…..

Impending Doom

So, it’s the first month of school, and I’m feeling good, overwhelmed, but good.  This is a place for me to decompress and think out loud.  If anyone else finds this, enjoy the ramblings of a crazy teacher who may or may not be in over his head.

Let’s start: PLP – I was a last minute addition to the KPR team, but I’m excited, and worried, and stressed.  I’m mostly worried because this is something I want to dedicate to.  I want to really make a difference.  Hopefully this blog will make a difference for me.

Worries about the blog: (negative)

  •  it will take up more time than it’s worth
  • it won’t look nice
  • not going to help me

What do I hope this blog will do? (positive)

  • keep me organized
  • provide an open dialogue for my thoughts and learning
  • keep track of interesting and helpful sites idea

The remembering of stuff is hard – for example I just forgot I need to work on my ALP…

more worrying and stress later.