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Hump day

Day three of pd, and things are looking up. The cajons are coming along… I still don’t like the log style one, but that’s ok. I had some success with the reclaimed wood! I found a piece of wood with some feet I intend to put on later, and after cutting it in quarters and planing, it is perfect for the reinforcement behind the tapas (front hitting surface).
I considered planing down the tapas to 4mm called for in the plans, but we’ll see how the 6mm boards sound. The sample piece seemed to stand up, but I won’t if I don’t have to.
I hope I will have enough time this week to finish my projects. I know that I can work on my spare time, and I might put all my effort in to finish by Monday.
The amp is also coming around. I think if I have time I will make an enclosure for it.
More work. Yay!


Pi week – day 1

Day one of five:
I think I had a good start to the week. I’ve got all the exterior wood cut, the hole for the back cut, except for one of them… I can cut that tomorrow. I’ve got two of the drum glued, and will dry overnight.

I’m a little worried about keeping a flat surface on the front, but there’s always planing.
This afternoon it’s amp time.
Keep your eyes open for a sweet trailer using iMovie!

Amp making is hard!
This afternoon I completed my first turret board soldering job.

Not too bad for minimal instructions and no help from google! Google started working at the school near the end of the day, which helped. Thanks Steve! I am having a blast. How do I know? I look at the clock and it’s 5:30… I thought I would have a better idea of scheduling, but I still don’t know how long these projects are going to take…
Half of the fun!


Pi week

I love professional development. The idea that as part of my job is to better myself is amazing. I suppose some pd is more exciting than others, for example, learning to assemble Peruvian box drums has more pizazz than school effectiveness framework developing. So when I was told that here in Nunavut teachers get a week of self directed professional improvement, I just about fainted.

It was hard deciding what angle to follow in my pd spectrum. I thought about my peeps at plp, and all the fantastic work I did last year, but I’m working on implementing that in my daily routine. I thought about learning throat singing and Inuit drum making. Unfortunately making an Inuit drum is a very labour intensive project, and it’s not really the right time of year for it.

So my plan for this week is as follows:

  • cajon -Peruvian box drum
  • 18w tube amp header-
  • didgeridoo organ
I don’t have a specific order and I’m not sure that I need to.  I think I will get a better sense of the pace I need to have if I devote Monday morning to the amp, and the afternoon for the box drum.

The parts for the amp came in yesterday! I would like to thank Karen for checking my mail and lugging it back to the school for me, I was only expecting to have my pay stub there!
The nice wood is still en route, but my test of the good one side c grade from umingmak (local lumber store) is waiting to be made into a box drum. I also have to look into the PVC for my didge organ. I was a little worried about getting all of the materials, but things have come together. I’m tempted to get an early start this weekend on these fabulous projects.

I will be updating more than usual,this next week to keep an almost real time, more pics to follow!


Challenge of Distractions


While driving in this morning, a beautiful but chilly sunrise on the horizion, my ipod spouting off the first Webinar 3 (Thanks again for the audio copies) I realized what one of my biggest challenges is.


Not bad distractions, but distractions that take me away from what my original focus was.

For example:  Friday I started reading Ben Rossman’s post about classroom tech ideas http://plpcommunityhub.com/forum/topics/classroom-tech-ideas when Todd, jane, and Steven  Mentioned and endorsed Prezi.com – curious, I started my meandering wander…

A fabulous tool in itself, prezi also brought me content that I found facinating – no to mention the best terms of useexplanation EVAR – which uses Prezi (bullet 4)  

I discovered a prezi that a music teacher – bass player had put together – and spent a bit of time revisiting the awe and love of victor wooten


I also found an interesting presentation by Chris Anderson which went with a TED talk about crowd accelerated innovation.



So throuroughly inspired, I shot a link off to a collegue who had been talking to me about passion, jotted a note on twitter, and the bell rang – I had spent an hour and a half, and had only covered one small discussion in the community hub.  

Even while writing this blog post, I was tempted to stray again – TED-active – such a wonderful concept, but I can’t run out of time, I still have things to setup for my students coming in 15 minutes – what?? my 15 minutes alloted turned into 30.  

So, I’ve found one of my challenges in my new connected learning state, and it makes me think about students.  The wild tangents that they may see themselves on, as well as being tempted by social media (my facebook time is afterschool)  and games, and friends, and other classes, and the list goes on.  No wonder they don’t want to dive deeply when the breadth is so inviting and accommodating.  The grass is #4DBD33 on the other page..


Darren Kools

Kenner Music – KPRDSB, Peterborough, Ontario Canada

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