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Knit witt

It’s started to get dark earlier… I noticed it at the end of the day today. It’s likely the fault of daylight savings time, but when I googled rankin inlet sunset, it was true. Today the sun set at 3:36 pm. So what is the plan to wile away the hours in darkness? Knitting. Yes, as a new home economics teacher, I thought it would be important for me to learn how to knit. So off to you tube I went, learned the long tail cast on, and the knit stitch, and I was off to the races. Who knew www.knittinghelp.com/ would be so much help! It started as a pink tie,


the ironic┬ámale knitting project, and somehow in the messy learning I added stitches. Don’t ask me how, it just happened. So I kept going, added fringes to disguise the “mistake” and made it a scarf for my daughter. I sewed / embroidered her name on the shorter side, and a polar bear on the other side. Don’t ask why the polar bear is brown… Brown and pink go so nicely together. I sent it off last Monday, so it should arrive next week sometime, maybe this week if we’re lucky.20121107-205830.jpg My next challenge was to learn to purl stitch. But my next project was a scarf for me! No knit one purl two for this manly scarf! I wanted it to be warm so my mom sent some wool she got in Scotland! Thanks again mom! I now realize how addictive this hobby can be.


Today I was tempted by double ended needles, and managed to make a small tube with four needles. I think it will end up being a finger puppet, or driving finger mitt…So to you stitch and bitch groups, unravellers, knitery knights, knit witts, and yarn bombers, I now understand you a bit more. And I think I like it