Tass Instrumental post – Feb7th

Broadway in Harlem
Hope this helps some people.

Learning goals:

  • become more fluent in scales and chords in different Keys
  • increase ease and process for sight reading pieces
  • Introduce technical study


Personal warm up – focus on Eb , F, and Chromatic scales

Question to flutes: Who want’s to switch instruments – we need a more balanced band for Festivals.

Bb concert #39 in Symphonic – play quarter notes

Eb Concert  #40 Whole notes Рfocus on tuning

P. 2 #5 sight reading – listen to balance and tuning

Ab Concert Scale #42 – whole notes

F Concert Scale #41 – quarter notes


Sight reading – Yamaha book P. 7 #4 – give my regards to broadway

 Р30 sec. silence looking over Рwe went over what to look for, then 30 sec. playing

Perform, refelct, then listen to Mr. Kools play it.

60 sec. or correcting , then play as group again.

Listening example – Give my regards to broadway – Judy Garland

Listen for one piece of information about each of the seven elements of music.

Melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, texture, form, and dynamics & articulations


Start looking at Etude #89 on P. 16

Listen, play and break it down.

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