Tass Instrumental post – Feb7th

Broadway in Harlem
Hope this helps some people.

Learning goals:

  • become more fluent in scales and chords in different Keys
  • increase ease and process for sight reading pieces
  • Introduce technical study


Personal warm up – focus on Eb , F, and Chromatic scales

Question to flutes: Who want’s to switch instruments – we need a more balanced band for Festivals.

Bb concert #39 in Symphonic – play quarter notes

Eb Concert  #40 Whole notes – focus on tuning

P. 2 #5 sight reading – listen to balance and tuning

Ab Concert Scale #42 – whole notes

F Concert Scale #41 – quarter notes


Sight reading – Yamaha book P. 7 #4 – give my regards to broadway

 – 30 sec. silence looking over – we went over what to look for, then 30 sec. playing

Perform, refelct, then listen to Mr. Kools play it.

60 sec. or correcting , then play as group again.

Listening example – Give my regards to broadway – Judy Garland

Listen for one piece of information about each of the seven elements of music.

Melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, texture, form, and dynamics & articulations


Start looking at Etude #89 on P. 16

Listen, play and break it down.