This ain’t helping

Yesterday I was just so tired, that I couldn’t put any words together, let alone eloquently.  I can hardly remember yesterday, but I do remember getting a bunch of packages at the mail.  Thankfully Steve was there and had a sled.  While helping to push the sled, avoiding an additional $10 taxi fee for the boxes, something happened that hasn’t happened since the beginning of high school.   I had an Asthma attack.  It wasn’t severe, but I felt like I needed  puffer.  It was quite cold and we were pushing quite the load of parcels, but I have no doubt it has something to do with this diet.  On the positive side, one of the packages had the pasta machine and tortilla press we ordered, so as soon as my blood pressure is checked, tortillas and linguini here I come.   Today, I feel terrible. I’m not hungry or super tired like before, but I still don’t feel good, normal,  content , I don’t know.  I’m still having cravings for everything I can’t have, but I have lost 7.5 pounds.  I’ll leave you with what I looked like after the trek home.  I also have an awesome pic of Steve,  but I promised not to post it.


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