Hard day

The end is in sight, I got the exit survey for the palieo diet. I was a lumbering moaning zombie this morning. Everyone saw it, everyone agreed.  I managed to make it through the morning without melting down, although I just about could have when I couldn’t remember the format of my Maplewood login to help a fellow teacher who had locked herself out.  Coincidently, she’s participating in the experiment as well.  My brain is just not working as well as it did before.  We’ve been laughing and calling it palieo brain.  I think it’s kind of like trying to run a high performance car on moonshine… it will work, and its all natural, but ya might get a lot more backfires. I stumbled into the staff room at lunch, tripped on the table and landed on the couch, layed there a good minute or two before even considering lunch.  So I had some rice and shrimp with a nice lime, coconut oil and herbamare sauce which really helped, much thanks to Katharine.  This defiantly helped me get through the hardest part of the day, coffee house. Supposed to start at 6:30, no one was there, I was all set up, no performers, no audience.  We finally got going at 7th,  and I managed to do 4 songs, there was one other performer after me, but they slowly trickled in. By the end we had a fair number of people.  I am pleased that I persevered and did not cancel.  Hopefully some people enjoyed, I know I enjoyed the other performers!


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