Arctic Graffiti

All towns, hamlets, cities and even rural areas have graffiti.  Some street art is beautiful and a real artistic statement.  My brother is a strong advocate of art all around us, go see some of his stuff at   ,  ,  He is also on instagram.. somewhere..

Unfortunately, there is also graffiti that is hurtful, rude, and crudely executed.  A couple of weeks ago, one such tag was put on the cultural shed at the school (Maani Ulujuk Iliniarvik – MUI) I work at here in Rankin Inlet Nunavut.  The school keeps land trip supplies and other odds and ends in there.  My walk to school leads me right past this little hut, and I hung my head when I saw F&%^# MUI crudely scrawled across the side of the shed.

Weeks went by, and every day, I faced the obscenity, and figured the administration knew about it.  So, I asked the other day of what could be done, but nothing much could.  Maintenance couldn’t roller paint over it, because it was too cold \ it would take a million years to actually get done, they’re very busy folks.

I suggested fight fire with fire… or pray paint with spray paint…  With the support of my principal, I decided to walk in my brother’s footsteps and create a graffiti mural of my own.    It’s my first attempt, and with cans of spray paint at $12 each, it may be my last… altered 2 altered 3 altered 4 altered 5 altered 1

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