Wednesday PI update

A productive day, but mind numbing none the less… I did enjoy the networking section, which gave me some ideas about our school’s wireless situation. Not sure if I should talk about it publicly, so it will stew for a bit longer. Besides, the networking course is next.

Well….. After the second part of the A+ course, cause I’m finished the first half. The most tedious section by far was the professionalism section, likely because to me it was all common sense, dealing with difficult people, know it all, and business email protocol. It may have also been because the internet kept glitching, and I had to wait probably two minutes between sections… It doesn’t seem like much, but try reading this blog, two sentences at a time with even one minute between sections. It gets old.

The week is going so quickly, that I kind of want to skip the second half of the A+ course, and go on to networking. I think I’ll be confused like crazy with the networking, so maybe I shouldn’t skip ahead. Well, I need to go decompress. Have a good night.

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