Some photos with a touch of reflection

It’s strange how the framework of a situation can so dramatically drive the direction of events. I feel that the last couple of weeks have been very inconsistent. With assemblies and exams and pi week the students seem unnerved. I had attempted to go back to the beginning and revisit rules and needs and behavioral expectations, but I got quite the backlash. Fortunately I had some great support from pat and Thursday Brenda. Tomorrow I’m going to focus on lots of routine. I will emphasize basic skills out the wazoo. For those that are done I can get them to look deeper. But I need to still make it fun. The problem is when it gets fun, the structure suffers. I know that they crave structure and simple what do I do exactly. Well, it seems I do now what I need to do, but just need to get to it instead of blogging, watching rent and taking pictures of outside! As soon as rent is over, I’m going to plow through!







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  1. I don’t know how I missed this post. These pictures are stunning. I think all teachers are dealing with these issues right now. Maybe it is the seaaon change? Hang in there! Fun is important!

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