Lights, camera, fail.

My amp build got finished Friday afternoon, but was less functional than expected. I had light from the vacuum tubes, the camera was on, but no action. Not all is lost, my next step is to find a better schematic online and see where the directions went wrong. Maybe I need to FaceTime with an expert cough Tom Hughes??? image
The drums are coming along, but the snare setup is proving difficult to do right. It looks a bit sloppy, but I’ve got a couple more to do, so I get to practice.

One thought on “Lights, camera, fail.”

  1. So sorry your amp did not work. Hope your birthday is fabulous! I really think your hat is stunning. Did you get your camera and ipad hook up from Emily?. I sure love the pumpkin pictures of Ella. Lesli and I have been chatting online. Thank you for the connection! I do try and read your blogs. I love your pictures! We are all getting ready for hurricane Sandy. Sounds like we could get hit big by this storm. Maybbe even snow. Hang in there and keep blogging and I will keep reading.

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