Time flies when you’re making instruments

It is already thursday, and I don’t think I will finish on time. I’m also concerned that will be some left over parts from the amp making. Nowhere in the instructions does it say where to put the diodes… image
I reclaimed some hardwood from the dump on the weekend for the bracing of the drums, and went back to get another. There was so much more dumped and scraped and piled that the wood I saw was buried. I did find some nice table legs that I can plane and cut down though, so it wasn’t a wasted trip.
I’m feeling a little disappointed in this week. My blogging has gotten bland and I feel like no one is reading, save my mom and a few key relatives. At least everyone knows I haven’t been devoured by a polar bear. I hope to be more interesting in the future.

4 thoughts on “Time flies when you’re making instruments”

  1. I read you blog I just did’nt know you could respond to these things. Now I will respond to everyone’s blog ha ha ha he he I wonder if you can get a restraining order over one of these things. We will see look out famous people of the world here I come. Now look what you have done Darren you unleashed a monster on the world of blogging. Na I’m going to get another coffee
    Your Brother Colin

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