Something is sticking around…

So many things are on the go that it seems I have been neglecting my blog.First it was I had lots of pictures and not much to say, then everything else has occupied my time. So I will spatter this post with pictures that may or may not be relevant to what I am saying. First relevant picture is the first snow that decided to stick. A couple of days ago I did manage to catch a brilliant sunrise that woke me up and shortly after disappeared into the cloudy arctic sky. I prefer the sunrise to the snow, but I’ll see much more snow than sunrises this winter.

In the beautiful weather that we were having I did get another chance to take a walk out on the land out past the airport.
Of course these have been tampered with a bit – thank you intagram… But it was quite amazing the scenery, the jellyfish and the water. There was one jelly that was in the middle of its lunch, having minnow sushi, but the water was murky and the picture didn’t turn out.
You can also see the environmental impact of people. Gasoline leaking into the puddles looks pretty in the right light, but it also reminds us that up here there’s a balance between what’s right, and what’s needed. 4 wheelers are a necessity to get out on the land and hunt. I couldn’t imagine bringing back a caribou by hand by yourself. Before you jump in with “that’s the way it been done before” things are different these days. You wouldn’t want to have to churn your own butter..
environmental stewardship is in fact very important to the people up here. There are traditional IQ values that are taught by elders and reinforced in schools. Unfortunately just like the south factors of cost and convenience have started to wear down these traditional values.
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