Some good news lately

  • my pay will soon be adjusted!
  • choir is going well, and growing
  • the rest of my stuff is going to be here soon, hopefully this week!

Unfortunately, I notice the days becoming much shorter, and the nights much longer. It’s almost alarming how quickly this is turning. My hope is that I don’t become a sleeper. Someone who sleeps in and goes to bed early. I have been invited to run/walk in the mornings, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. I have been getting an enormous amount of planning done in the mornings, which I know I need to keep on top of. I continue to keep myself busy through practicing the guitar, my photographic eye keeps me on the lookout, and just cause I don’t have enough, I started learning how to knit. I’m not going to show a sample because it’s kind of embarrassing, but each row is getting better and less holey. With all of this to do, I’m still glad to be able to throw the t.v on and vegetate or play my garbage-picked xbox360. I will leave you with some pictures of frozen mud just to remind you that it’s frickin cold up here. Even though it’s cold it can still be nice, I haven’t gone crazy yet. At least not any crazier than I was before.




4 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Glad things are going well. The frozen mud is very cool. I think the cold and the dark would make me want to be a sleeper! Knitting well good for you i could never get the hang of it! So glad your choir is going well, we are waiting to hear if the board is going to continue with Honour choir this year, Raelynn has been trying to start a Glee club at Henry Street but no teacher support will put an end to that. So sad. I am looking for a Brownie unit to pen pal with my unit, have you heard about brownies or girl guide units up there? Could you ask around? I am sure you are missing your girls like crazy! Do you get to come home for Christmas? Ella will be so glad to see you! Take care, stay warm and be musical! send your students to http://www.cadencegrace.com for some good old canadian country music!

    1. Thanks lee,
      I really like how the pictures have turned out. Especially since they are from my cell phone camera! The cell phone doesn’t work, but I can still take pictures and email, surf and send texts when I’m in a wifi zone. All though all wifi networks are locked down up here. People get protective when they only have so much bandwidth per month. I don’t blame them since my first month I went over because my iPod auto backed up to the cloud and I didn’t realize it. Lesson learned!

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