Settling in…


Here’s the picture so far: second year being redundant, not recalled this year, but offered an LTO. Not content with one period each semester that changes every other day, I start applying to everything…. I mean everything! July 25th get a call from Jesse in rankin inlet Nunavut. Start the mad dash of interviews, paperwork, phone calls, then buying enough clothes and a $500 winter coat that will keep my rear from freezing, getting things ready, packed flying on the 13th of August. What a rush!

So here I am adjusting to things in the north, things work differently up here, and I realize I haven’t blogged yet. “welcome to the north” seems to be the mantra when things go wrong or are delayed, so I’m going to chalk it up to that.

Everyone here that I’ve met are really nice! All of the staff are fabulous and very helpful. So helpful that just driving up to their house two teachers from the high school call me in for coffee and to find me a bag for the pile of books I was carrying. Most helpful of all has been Jesse, who went far above and beyond when I lost my keys on day two… He is just fantastic and I love his accent, which reminds me of home and nanny & poppy. Some of the staff even live in my apartment building, including the vice principal! I love small towns, but this feels like a large family. Three of us even did a 5k awareness run for diabetes. Even though it took twice around the town to rack up 5km…

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow when school actually starts. Of course the first day will be bogged down with administrivia, but all ready things seem to be moving quickly, it’s hard to believe its almost been a week up here. I miss my wife and family, but with my new iPad things will be easier. Things always happen for a reason, so let’s embrace what we have and do the best that we can. I hope to update this blog as much as I can with personal and professional tidbits, so stay tuned.


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