So a thought came to me while I was doing some meanial task a la Einstien today.


These are the factors I was considering:

  • Out of work \ under employed teachers (Personally relevant)
  • PD sessions that are out of touch
    • Learn it, but then doing it later….
  • Inaccessibility of new tech ideas and practices to existing teachers
  • Tutors for students and places like Sylvan and Oxford learning centres.
    • Stagnant and kids aren’t dealing with “classroom” situations
  • Spreading and collaborating new ideas, techniques and tools.
  • Parents disengagement from their kids learning.

So, what if I created a place where teachers came to get

PD from each other AND imported experts in the first session.  Then co-planned and co-taught a

group of students with a specific focus in mind -literacy, numeracy, math, science, etc.  The students would be enrolled in a tutoring program with a co lesson for


parents, they would be given a similar lesson, but aimed at extending the learning to the home environment.  This environment would be supported by a social learning network, that comprises of teachers, students and parents.

I Loved the idea of job embedded PD from PLP, and wondered how new teachers could take advantage of it, without having the kind of environment they needed.

 How is this going to fly?  Ideally no one pays, but money makes the world go round.  So, if Teachers pay for their  PD and can work off part of the PD cost through implementing their PD in tutoring sessions; AND Parents pay for ground breaking new tutoring methods, and get the Parent component for free(incentive to be involved in their kids education = everyone wins).


So, back to reality – What is it going to take to get something like this up and running?

  • CA$H – need a storefront of some kind, desks, environment, computers, internet connection, etc.
  • Teachers willing to spend time doing this – Weekends, evenings, and summers.
  • Students and parents willing to spend some time and money for their children’s education.
  • Hardwork and dedication === CHECK – not a problem

Wonderful idea eh?  but with the financial constraints of everyone involved, a grant is probably the only way to go.

Why Can’t I make money and do things I Love.


Thanks for listening to my Crazy ideas.


Darren Kools

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