Tass Week Two – AMV: Vocal

Here’s what we did, in a nutshell

  • Warmup – massage, humms, vowels, sequences etc.
  • Sight singing
    • #1 – lullaby – focus on quick articulations at beginning – “L” sound too long.
    • #9 – part 1, then part 2, then together
    • #12 – reinforce tonic dominant relationship
      • stuck on 2nd half
    • #16 – Divide into 3 groups
      • determine and agree upon syllables
      • clap through the rhythm
      • Say words with proper rhythm
      • Sing through with syllables
      • Sing through with words
      • Bring together and sing together
  • Seven elements of music
    1. Melody – the recognizable sequence of pitches in the forefront of a piece of music
    2. Harmony – the simultaneous occurrence of pitches
    3. Rhythm – the small organization of pitches into quarters, eights, tempo, beat and pulse
    4. Timbre – the tone quality of the pitches – i.e. guitar with and without a fuzz or distortion pedal
    5. Texture – the number and variety of instruments playing at one time.
    6. Form – the larger organization of notes into recognizable and contrast-able sections. i.e. Song form– Verse Chorus, or ABA
    7. Dynamics and Articulations – How the pitches start  or the attack or each note and level of sound produced. i.e. Forte, loud, soft, accented, staccato.

We need a new song to sing for tomorrow.


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