Tass AMU instrumental Feb. 8th

So here’s what happened and some thoughts.

New student – name went down with attendance – hasn’t played since grade 10 – flute…

  • Flutes given opportunity to switch – some are worried about being behind learning a new instrument. (fears quenched?) Only one flute switch to Alto Sax.
  • Started with personal warm up – Some need to have a more concrete warm up routine – address tomorrow.
  • Paige working with Karn in Hall – I went out to help – lips not suited to flute – switched to trombone – found success.
  • Warm up as group – Bb concert, #1 in Symphonic Band Technique (SBT), Ab Concert, D minor – Harmonic and melodic – discussed differences and how to remember.
    • #3 in SBT – look at chords (are you the root) – talked about roots of chords.
  • Band Piece – “The Phantom of the Opera” arr. Jay Bocook
    • sight reading
    • trouble spots
    • 59 to the end (last five bars) – memorize notes to effectively assess rit.
  • Etude #89 – play through.

This class was a test of how individuals worked as I needed to spend some time with Karn transfering him to trombone.  Strategies for self directed practice were given and should be followed up on tomorrow.

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