TASS Guitar Tuesday February 7th

What we did in Guitar class… abbreviated

  • String Quiz – naming all six strings fo the guitar.
  • Theory: lines and spaces of the treble clef.
    • Compare sheet to notes we know from the book – e, f, and g
    • Circle and label notes we know.
  • Handout: chordchart 
    • Copy All chords learned yesterday into chord chart.
    • New chords – easy G, D7 and G
  • Play through he’s got the whole world in his hand
  • review page 9 – notes e, f and g – play on guitar, play #13, 14, 16
  • play through 17 with recording – spanish theme
  • Listening example: Hank Williams Jambalaya (on the Bayou)
    • What do you hear
    • Do you like it and why or why not.
  • play through #20 (on your own)

This class seems very anxious with a huge difference in abilities. 

Tomorrow I will separate into two more distinct groups and focus on their needs.

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