This ain’t helping

Yesterday I was just so tired, that I couldn’t put any words together, let alone eloquently.  I can hardly remember yesterday, but I do remember getting a bunch of packages at the mail.  Thankfully Steve was there and had a sled.  While helping to push the sled, avoiding an additional $10 taxi fee for the boxes, something happened that hasn’t happened since the beginning of high school.   I had an Asthma attack.  It wasn’t severe, but I felt like I needed  puffer.  It was quite cold and we were pushing quite the load of parcels, but I have no doubt it has something to do with this diet.  On the positive side, one of the packages had the pasta machine and tortilla press we ordered, so as soon as my blood pressure is checked, tortillas and linguini here I come.   Today, I feel terrible. I’m not hungry or super tired like before, but I still don’t feel good, normal,  content , I don’t know.  I’m still having cravings for everything I can’t have, but I have lost 7.5 pounds.  I’ll leave you with what I looked like after the trek home.  I also have an awesome pic of Steve,  but I promised not to post it.


Hard day

The end is in sight, I got the exit survey for the palieo diet. I was a lumbering moaning zombie this morning. Everyone saw it, everyone agreed.  I managed to make it through the morning without melting down, although I just about could have when I couldn’t remember the format of my Maplewood login to help a fellow teacher who had locked herself out.  Coincidently, she’s participating in the experiment as well.  My brain is just not working as well as it did before.  We’ve been laughing and calling it palieo brain.  I think it’s kind of like trying to run a high performance car on moonshine… it will work, and its all natural, but ya might get a lot more backfires. I stumbled into the staff room at lunch, tripped on the table and landed on the couch, layed there a good minute or two before even considering lunch.  So I had some rice and shrimp with a nice lime, coconut oil and herbamare sauce which really helped, much thanks to Katharine.  This defiantly helped me get through the hardest part of the day, coffee house. Supposed to start at 6:30, no one was there, I was all set up, no performers, no audience.  We finally got going at 7th,  and I managed to do 4 songs, there was one other performer after me, but they slowly trickled in. By the end we had a fair number of people.  I am pleased that I persevered and did not cancel.  Hopefully some people enjoyed, I know I enjoyed the other performers!


Silent (good) night

I am sooooooooooooo tired. My feet, my back, every muscle.  No energy from the alarm to the pillow, and yes I’m writing this in bed.  I was quite active today, put up 2 overhead projectors on mounts on the celing,  not to mention teaching.   The hardest part was keeping up energy for the Christmas choir rehearsal… I’m usually very high energy… and faked it pretty well, but my brain can’t keep up! Stupid mistakes in playing the piano, losing puff of the long notes and losing track / zoning out halfway through a phrase. It was hard. So here I am at 8:30, exausted and probably not making much sense…. so here’s a pretty picture I took on my way home…




Day three, hump day of the palieo diet, and the headaches are somewhat milder, but I’m soon much more tired… I made chicken soup last night (ya slowcooker)  that I had for lunch. Transportation of soup is tricky business.  I ended up with a small pool of soup in the back pack.  But I figured I had a good 5.5 cups of soup in me at lunch. I felt full, but not satisfied…  For dinner, bunless burgers were pretty good, with onions and grated carrot, two eggs and..wait I can’t add breadcrumbs, or oats…. crushed almonds to the rescue!  It made it dry enough to stick together. They tasted good with a bit of leftover guac and a concocted tomato paste ketchup and sautéed onions.  Desert was the best, frozen banana and berry smoothie…


Everyone is talking about food! It’s nice to share success, and comisserate meal failures and frustrations. Tomorrow will be a rough day with choir rehearsal at 6:30, ( I hope to see lots of people there, honestly it will make it easier) and Thursday is the coffee house, which I’m doing sound, maybe lights, performing and maybe some Mc work because billy (who usually does an awesome job) can’t be there.   I’m not sure how I will manage, because I’ve been so tired lately. So I think early to bed tonight and hope and pray for the rest of the week.

Headache city

The headache started last night, and continued today, which made music class rather interesting…. all of the participants seem to have headaches in the last bit… it makes teaching need that extra bit of patience.  I did have a wonderful lesson on surface area with my grade nines though, even did some trial work using my iPad as a document camera for the digital projector.


Lunch was good, but I’d love to have more sweet potato. Dinner tonight is guacamole, and homemade salsa on romaine lettuce tacos, I can hardly wait!  Watching some recordings of TV last night I realized how many food commercials there are!  Damm you media and creating my cravings!

Palieo Darren

So I’m not becoming a caveman, but in the name of science, I’m going on the palieo diet.  A student at school is doing her science fair project on the palieo diet. Today is day one.  No sugar will likely be the number one issue / craving, Number two will be lack of carbs. My saving graces will be eggs, sweet potato, and nuts…. unfortunately I can’t have nuts at school…


I also plan to drink copious amouts of water during the day. Fortunately I have lots of supports, as many friends are helping out in the name of science. Joy, the math and science teacher at our school will be our guide, as she has lots of experience in this diet…. so, as a precautionary measure, I’m sorry for the things that I will say when I get hungry…

Arctic Graffiti

All towns, hamlets, cities and even rural areas have graffiti.  Some street art is beautiful and a real artistic statement.  My brother is a strong advocate of art all around us, go see some of his stuff at   ,  ,  He is also on instagram.. somewhere..

Unfortunately, there is also graffiti that is hurtful, rude, and crudely executed.  A couple of weeks ago, one such tag was put on the cultural shed at the school (Maani Ulujuk Iliniarvik – MUI) I work at here in Rankin Inlet Nunavut.  The school keeps land trip supplies and other odds and ends in there.  My walk to school leads me right past this little hut, and I hung my head when I saw F&%^# MUI crudely scrawled across the side of the shed.

Weeks went by, and every day, I faced the obscenity, and figured the administration knew about it.  So, I asked the other day of what could be done, but nothing much could.  Maintenance couldn’t roller paint over it, because it was too cold \ it would take a million years to actually get done, they’re very busy folks.

I suggested fight fire with fire… or pray paint with spray paint…  With the support of my principal, I decided to walk in my brother’s footsteps and create a graffiti mural of my own.    It’s my first attempt, and with cans of spray paint at $12 each, it may be my last… altered 2 altered 3 altered 4 altered 5 altered 1

Thursday Brain drain

Not super impressed… I’ve waded through three sections of the second half of the course, and  I shouldn’t have started the last section. At least, not before having gained an insight from

I did take a bit of a break this morning to have a look at an issue I was having with the School’s RSS Feed.  For those of you who care read on, those who don’t, skip this paragraph..  So our announcement system (posted by teachers through a secure login) shows up on the school website muifalcons(dot)ca, as well as on the screens around the school and just recently a facebook page for the school. It’s been a great way to get the most amount of information out quickly, securely and frankly, Geeky.   Our announcements can also be posted in English, or Inuktitut Syllabics too.  I’ve gotten the announcements to convert to an RSS feed.  From there, picks it up and posts it to the school’s facebook page.  The problem I’m having is that for our website, I use a webfont to show the innuktitut syllabics.  Since the webfont doesn’t translate into the RSS feed, or shows in facebook, it will start showing  gibberish in place of the proper syllabics.  I started looking into Unicode (which will show properly on facebook and RSS feeds), and found .  They have a wonderful converter, which is implemented in javascript, but I couldn’t break it down and use the code in my own page – just couldn’t grasp how it was translating the regular characters into Unicode.  So, with this dead end, I went back to my course.

Introducing  Microsoft windows: hmmm… lets see this is the operating system that I’ve been using for the better part of two decades… If I need to be introduced to her, then we’ve got some problems.  Next was installing and configuring windows, which I’ve done many, many, many times before.  The tricky part is memorizing what each tab on what program and how to get to it all.  Normally I go searching, and eventually find what I need.  Yes, sometimes I look in places I don’t need to, but sometimes that’s better…. something about the journey, not the destination.

So optimizing windows isn’t thrilling, and I know I shouldn’t have started it this late, but I wanted to get it over with.  It shows on my test score, but it’s over now, and I will likely have to review the section before taking the cert. test.

With 5 sections to go, I don’t know what I’m looking forward to, but it’s not system or general troubleshooting.

Feeling rather terrible today, I was really jittery and unsettled thismorning.  I don’t know why, I don’t know how, or what is wrong, or how to fix it, but maybe I just need to play some music… hmm.. that just came to me.  Perhaps I have my Second Cousin Owen to thank.  Let’s try some piano improvisation to calm and soothe the caffeine and stress addled music \ computer teacher on the brink…

Wednesday PI update

A productive day, but mind numbing none the less… I did enjoy the networking section, which gave me some ideas about our school’s wireless situation. Not sure if I should talk about it publicly, so it will stew for a bit longer. Besides, the networking course is next.

Well….. After the second part of the A+ course, cause I’m finished the first half. The most tedious section by far was the professionalism section, likely because to me it was all common sense, dealing with difficult people, know it all, and business email protocol. It may have also been because the internet kept glitching, and I had to wait probably two minutes between sections… It doesn’t seem like much, but try reading this blog, two sentences at a time with even one minute between sections. It gets old.

The week is going so quickly, that I kind of want to skip the second half of the A+ course, and go on to networking. I think I’ll be confused like crazy with the networking, so maybe I shouldn’t skip ahead. Well, I need to go decompress. Have a good night.

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PI Week: Day 2 Tuesday

Today seemed less productive with only two modules completed.  A particularly odd feat when Configurations, Displays connectors and peripherals seemed easy.  Network Cabling, IP addressing, ports and protocols was much more informative. 

I now know that our school network is a class B network, not Class C…   (172. -.-.-)This may prove useful, but I still have to do some digging.  I also helped a fellow teacher with some photoshop questions, which was satisfying. 

I feel like this is adding to my general knowledge, but nothing concrete that has forseeable benefits.  Maybe it is solidifying my current wishy washy knowledge.  I will likely try to get another module done tonight… wish me luck.